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    Toshiba Tec CORPORATION

    Logistics / Manufacturing

    Logistics /

    No matter what your problem in
    logistics and manufacturing,
    Toshiba Tec is there to support you.

    Our hardware and software integrates seamlessly with existing workflows and networks to offer the widest range of effective solutions—increasing operational efficiency, saving costs, optimizing real-time operations and improving customer value. As a global manufacturer, Toshiba is familiar with the complex workflow involved in producing a wide variety of products.

    Label Printing Solutions

    Simplifying various kinds of label printing for picking, shipping and production lines.

    Mobile Solutions

    Streamline workflow with smooth data collation/
    confirmation for picking and shipping, utilizing data immediately as it is received onsite.

    Document Management

    Digitization of paper documents makes information access easier.

    Digital Signage Solutions

    Toshiba’s digital signage can be used throughout the logistics and manufacturing process to distribute focused or company-wide communications, send out real-time alerts or announcements, or even provide information for workers and drivers.

    Click For Logistics / Manufacturing Case Studies


    Panasonic Appliances AirConditioning Malaysia (PAPAMY)

    - Manufacturing
    - Visualization Solution

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    - Logistics
    - Paper Reuse

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    Freight Mark

    Freight Mark

    - Logistics
    - Document Management

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    AWH Pty Ltd.

    AWH Pty Ltd.

    - Logistics
    - Docment Management

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    Related Solutions

    GHS Label Solutions

    Simplifying printing of product description labels with warning symbols for harmful chemical products.

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    Document Management / OCR Solutions

    Document digitization and file search are easy, enabling easy extraction of data.

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    Form & Label Solutions

    Multiple documents such as shipping labels, shipping lists, and color advertisements can be integrated.

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